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Name:Takeru Takaishi
Takeru (TK to his friends) was summoned to the Digital World with six other kids at summer camp when he was eight years old, chosen (destined) to save both worlds and rid the Digital World in particular of evil that threatened its very existence. He and his friends (brother among them) succeeded, resetting the Digital World to a timeline that coincided with the real world and, eventually, returning home to live his life as normal. Mostly.

Three years later, he and a new group of friends returned to the Digital World on a part-time basis, to save it (occasionally) from a new evil, which wasn't quite as evil as the last, given the whole "misunderstood kid" thing. This was not the only threat to the Digital World, though, and in the end, Takeru and his friends pulled through and saved the day again -- with help from around the world -- and restored peace, bringing knowledge of the Digital World to the public in the process and making it so that anyone, really, could have a Digimon partner.

disclaimer: Takeru is a character from the Digimon franchise, belonging to Akiyoshi Hongo, Saban, Disney, etc. No money is being made here; this is just for fun!

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